Sales increase

Sales increase

Test our capacity for solving even intricate problems. We have managed to regain orders already canceled by the customer.

We assure profitable business growth by our experienced sales professionals worldwide. We are happy to work on a success-based fee model.

Success Factors

We have no sales professionals that are better than yours, but not any worse either. However, there are certain success factors that can hardly be met by the internal sales staff.

As a first step, we hold top level strategic discussions with the customer on the market potential and requirements. You can surely do that too. Yet as an independent partner we can get more information since we are not perceived as “attackers”. Thus, we can build confidence and discuss future projects from our position of neutrality. We can often find out the real reasons why a customer buys or not, which locations and business fields he/she is thinking to invest in and which factors can give him/her the all-important competitive edge.

We support the acquisition process between the customer and the contractor through to completion. You can do that too.

But also in this case we can as a neutral partner find out more quickly and efficiently where the customer gets stuck in the decision-making process. Moreover, we can also more easily recognize the trouble points in your own organization. Or understand the reason, why the customer is not satisfied with individual services, persons or the coordination between Sales and Operations, which in its turn can lead to delays in the processes and in the worst case to devastating effect on consumer decision making.

We have 30 years of practical experience in the implementation of efficient methods for key account management mainly in the automotive sector, mechanical engineering, construction of special vehicles and rail vehicles. But we are almost equally active in other key markets such as wholesale, software, shared services or construction of large industrial facilities. By operating in different industries while keeping the same methodological principles, we automatically benchmark the sales process. Thus, we can directly pass on our knowledge generated to you.

Our personal contact with many decision-makers in different core industries as well as insight into structures and decision-making channels open up new business opportunities for you.

Seniority, solution expertise and stability are the key qualities of our professionals and the explanation for their successful high-level negotiations.