The opinion of our clients is our driving force for innovation and perfection.

Machinery industry, € 600 mil sales

„We’d like to express our gratitude to IMACOS team for their commitment, the persistent and goal-oriented implementation support and pleasant collaboration“ – Dr. Harald Gosebruch, Board Member

Automotive supplier, € 1.1 bil sales

„Our requirement was that IMACOS should reduce the costs within the project period at least by the amount equal to the expenses charged. This target level was exceeded. We consider it to be a success.“ – Frederic Flory, Vice President

Machine / Plant engineering, € 350 mil sales

„As a special highlight IMACOS succeeded in winning contracts that our customer had already awarded to our competitors. The IMACOS team even managed to reduce our costs of a parallel running contract by 15 %“ Friedrich Schmidt, Board member

Automotive supplier, € 2.6 bil sales

„During our cooperation work on a number of projects in Germany and abroad I got to know Dr. Till W. Truckenmüller as a strong and implementation-oriented person. Through his in-depth industry knowledge, broad contact network and long-standing experience in setting up foreign production sites for us, Dr. Till W. Truckenmüller also proved to be an important interlocutor. For me, the loyal and always friendly cooperation with him is a very positive experience.“ Manfred Wolf, Managing Director

Machinery and plant engineering, € 350 mil sales

„All goals were completely achieved within the set time frame. Being an experienced top expert and well-trained implementation consultant, Dr. Till W. Truckenmüller effectively unburdened our sales management team in his support as an Interim Manager“ – Dr. Joachim Haats, Chairman of the Board

Automotive supplier, € 80 mil sales

„All 12 months of company restructuring were successfully completed with regard to sales and revenues. The costs for IMACOS’ support were recovered in less than five months.“ – Regina Schulte, Managing Partner

Manufacturer of industrial furnaces, € 10 mil sales

„The bank financing and the state guarantee were successfully negotiated by IMACOS. We are glad we could rely on an experienced manager for the planned company restructuring.“ – Internationales Bankhaus Bodensee, Helmut Martius, Director Corporate Banking