Corporate finance and M&A

Corporate finance and M&A

Creating tailored financing concepts that can be implemented immediatly and attracting new financially strong partners are usually critical success factors for corporate restructuring.

Corporate Finance

We evaluate company performance and assets, not only based on the market and competitive position, technological strengths, balance sheet and financial structure but also based on our assessment of company management and key experts.

We draw up detailled forecasts for revenues and costs, investments and resources, cash flow and ROI, and we propose short-term, appropriate measures to make liquidity management more efficient.

We develop effective plans for financial restructuring the finances and strategic approaches to raising capital.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our partners and professionals have completed more than 100 transactions and have achieved a transaction volume of up to € 1 billion.

Based on our extensive experience in different industries, we provide comprehensive advice on the purchase or sale of individual companies and business units.

Moreover, our customers can take advantage of our special features: IMACOS‘ global network and the integration of M&A experts with wide ranging industry expertise across sectors offer powerful insight and ensure rapid results.

We actively assist our clients from professional preparation and performance of the due diligence phase right through to the detailed structuring of the transaction.

We can support you in the management of business cooperations / mergers, including implementation and use of interim managers.